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Elevate Your Journey: A Fall Empowerment, Healing, & Connection Program
Elevate Your Journey: A Fall Empowerment, Healing, & Connection Program

Elevate Your Journey: A Fall Empowerment, Healing, & Connection Program

* Monthly Sweat Lodge Rituals * Monthly Energy Healing Sessions * Monthly Mentorship Meetings * Connection with Nature

Time & Location

Fall (Nov-Feb)

Gig Harbor & Shelton

About the event

Aligned Energy Medicine in partnership with Spirit Gate Healing Arts is proud to announce: 

Elevate Your Journey: A Four-Month Empowerment, Healing, and Connection Program for Women

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit? Our exclusive 4-month program is tailored for women who are eager to embrace self-discovery, healing, and renewal. Join Manon and Kanaychowa in an intimate sisterhood for a deeply enriching experience that empowers you on every level.


Monthly Sweat Lodge Rituals: Immerse yourself in the ancient tradition of the sweat lodge, a powerful ceremony renowned for physical and spiritual cleansing. Amidst nature's serenity, release stress, toxins, and negative energies. Guided by shamanic practitioner Kanaychowa Layman, we will learn and reconnect with your core essence and Earth's energies.

Monthly Energy Healing Sessions: Experience the profound benefits of energy healing. Manon de Veritch’s intuitive treatment combines Reiki, tuning forks, and crystal bowls to harmonize your energy centers, dissolve blockages, and restore equilibrium to your being. Personalized for your needs, each session cultivates deep serenity and holistic well-being.

Connection with Nature: Forge a deeply meaningful relationship with Earth Mother, and all of her power and potential. Nature's curative energies will amplify your experiences and bolster personal growth and intuition. We will spend time together and individually, learning to listen and embody our Divine Feminine.

Private Mentorship Meetings: Elevate your journey with monthly private mentorship sessions with Manon to help reinforce and integrate each month’s teachings while offering personalized guidance, support, and tools to navigate your transformational path.

Program Details:

  • Duration: 4 Months (Nov - Feb), Precise dates set at first gathering to assure cohesion
  • Group Size: Limited to 5 empowered women 
  • Location: Spirit Gate Sweat Lodge in Shelton + A Touch of Meraki in Gig Harbor
  • Investment: $2,497

What You'll Gain:

     ✓ Renewed Vitality and Energy

     ✓ Stress Relief and Inner Peace

     ✓ Emotional Healing and Harmony

     ✓ Deeper Connection to Self and Earth

     ✓ Empowerment and Clarity

Secure Your Spot Today! Limited Availability.

  • Early Bird Special: Prepay $1,997 by October 24th and save $500 -- a 20% savings!
  • Inquire and Register: Email and/or click APPLY NOW. Upon receipt, we will schedule an interview and share the finer detail.

Embrace the opportunity to heal, flourish, and connect in a supportive sisterhood of women. This is YOUR time.

"Awaken your spirit, ignite your energy, and embrace your journey." ~ Manon


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