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In an age where stress and anxiety are all too common, the simple power of sound therapy presents a remarkable opportunity for restoration and balance.

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Solfeggio sound frequencies have gained popularity as an effective form of sound therapy that can help improve various aspects of wellbeing.

From meditation and relaxation to achieving deep sleep, these frequencies come with several benefits.


174 Hz

Known as the healing frequency, 174 Hz has been found to have the greatest potential effect on the physical body when compared to the other frequencies. This low frequency could alleviate pain and stress, improve concentration, and give the organs in the body a sense of security. The frequency may also relax muscles and lessen tension in the body, making it particularly beneficial for those experiencing migraines or pain in the lower back, feet, legs, and more.

285 Hz

This frequency has the potential to heal and restore tissue. It could support the immune system, balance your energy, and increase feelings of security and safety.


396 Hz

396 Hz could aid in the elimination of guilt, subconscious fears, negative beliefs, and grief, providing a sense of security. Because the frequency generates uplifting energy, it may be effective as motivational music.


417 Hz

The frequency may aid in the healing of trauma. It’s said to help clear negative energy from your body and space, as well as negative thoughts and behaviors. 417 Hz could help you find the motivation to embrace change while also promoting restful sleep.


528 Hz

Considered one of the most potent frequencies, with a higher potential impact on sleep and wellness, 528 Hz is known as the ‘love frequency,’ ‘miracle tone,’ and ‘frequency of transformation.' It can stimulate imagination, intention, and intuition, and has been shown to support cortisol reduction, lifting your mood and leading to a state of serenity and relaxation, thus improving sleep quality.


639 Hz

639 Hz may aid in achieving mental balance. It can foster harmonious relationships between loved ones and the community in which you live, plus it promotes comprehension, communication, and tolerance.


741 Hz

By potentially stimulating the mind, promoting creativity and self-expression, and providing mental clarity, this frequency could help with intellectual work and problem-solving. It can also support decision-making, which can lead to a healthier and more fulfilling life. Known as a “detoxifying frequency,” 741 Hz could be used to help those suffering from chronic pain.

852 Hz

This frequency can aid in the replacement of negative thoughts with positive ones, making it helpful for relieving nervousness or anxiety.


963 Hz

963 Hz is associated with activating your pineal gland, raising consciousness, and awakening intuition. The frequency is also believed to increase positive energy and provide clarity.

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